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Parental Control program “Metronomos” can stop computer abuse by your children.metrologo

You can now put an end to fights about who, when and how long will be using the computer and select whether the Internet will be enabled or not!
Set limits to stop long usage and/or create weekly schedule to stop conflicts among your kids.

  • Easy to install and use, even by non tech-savvy parents, without complicated settings.
  • No strange computer-guru terms.
  • Modern and clean look, with large controls.
  • Lightweight, ideal even for older computers.
  • With high security level.

– “Johnny” helped cleaning up his room?
Add more computer time for him, as a reward!
– Homework not done yet?
Block computer access for today, to help him focus on reading.




blockquote “The interface of the software application is colorful and it’s clear that the developer wishes to emphasize simplicity, even for those with no previous experience in parental control apps”

blockquote “The advantage of this system is that it provides remote control to administrators who wish to configure rules from another computer in the same network”

blockquote “Intuitive parental control tool with practical features”

blockquote “All aspects considered, Metronomos is user-friendly parental control application that comes bundled with intuitive settings to help admin users set PC usage time rules for other types of users”

You can install and setup Metronomos for all young members of your family, in less than 5 minutes!

Watch how…

“Dad” installs Metronomos. Its icon will be placed on the lower right corner of Windows desktop:

By clicking this icon, the main window is displayed:


In order to set the allowed hours for “Johnny”, “Dad” clicks the Administration button:

Metronomos will ask for a password, which “Dad” can set in Metronomos settings window:


Administration window pops up, showing computer’s users:


“Dad” selects “Johnny” and clicks Rules button.
So rules setting window appears:


 : Add rule          Button_EditRule : Edit rule           : Delete rule

For example, accoring to the above picture, on Tuesdays “Johnny” can use the computer for 1 hour, which can be in one of the two allowed periods, 15:00-16:00 and 18:00-20:00. “Johnny” will be able to use this one hour continuously, or in parts.
Adjustments are done in a few seconds, with simple dialogs:



You have finished!

So when “Johnny” connects to his account, Metronomos will display:


While available time approaches to an end, Metronomos will inform “Johnny” with visual and audio notifications:


When allowed time is up, Metronomos will disconnect “Johnny’s” account and will do the same every time he tries to reconnect during the day.

Let technology work for you…

…try Metronomos now!

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