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If you like the idea of being able to automatically send a large number of personalised SMS messages in a fast, easy and inexpensive way using your Android mobile phone, then Irida is what you are looking for.

Why… «personalised»?

Forget all those messages with the same text for everyone and with no valid sender’s number. Your SMS messages will look and feel like you dedicated time to compose each one of them, since they may contain personal information of each recipient.

Why… «automatically»?

You can create a new task in less than 1 minute. You select the recipients, write the message and transfer the task to you mobile phone. During task execution you will be able to see a full report regarding the status of each message in your task.

Why… «inexpensive»?

You don’t need to sign-up for any service and you don’t have to buy message packages bigger than your real needs. You are completely independent, since the whole process is executed by your mobile phone, with all the benefits this comes with. Most of the times, mobile connection providers offer a number of free SMS messages each month (e.g. 1500), which are wasted because not used. Using them you could literally eliminate the whole cost of your messages.



blockquote «It is difficult to send mass messages from a mobile phone, and applications that can help you handle this operation from your PC usually require a GSM modem or other such devices. Irida, however, enables you to write text messages on your computer and relay them to your mobile device via Wi-Fi. The program is relatively intuitive, and you only need to install the companion app on your Android device to take advantage of its features.»

blockquote «Irida features a simple, intuitive layout that novices should have no problems with. The main window contains all the available functions and displays all the necessary information, so there is no need to navigate through complex menus.»

blockquote «You can organize your contacts into multiple folders, and all the added data can be saved separately, should you wish to use it again at a later date.»

blockquote «The best thing about Irida is that it requires no additional devices, other than your Android phone. As long as the mobile app is installed on your device and your PC is connected to the same Wi-Fi network, the program can relay messages between them. Setting up the Android app is a simple affair, and it is certainly a lot easier than purchasing and connecting a specialized device.»

blockquote «There are plenty of good things to say about Irida, as it makes sending mass messages a lot easier, and it features a simple, intuitive layout. This is a great application for users who frequently need to send mass messages and wish there was an easier way to do so.»

blockquote «Irida is capable of connecting to your phone via Wi-Fi, so you only need to install the helper app on your Android device, and it features a simple, intuitive interface.»

Watch how…

The main window of Irida is separated into the following sections:

  • Contact book
  • Recipients
  • Message text
  • Messages to send
  • Report


To create a new task you will have to connect your mobile phone (via WiFi) to the same local network with your PC and follow 3 simple steps:

  1. Select the contacts (individual or groups) you want to send the message to and click «(1) Add selected to recipients».
  2. Write your message and click «(2) Create messages».
  3. Check the automatically created messages and click «(3) Transfer task to device».

The task has now been transfered to your mobile phone and you can execute it anytime you wish, without the need of the PC.

Using your phone you can easily manage all the tasks you have transfered:



Adjust Irida to match your needs…

If you already have your contacts stored in another system (e.g. Gmail) you can copy them to Irida using the «Import/Export» functions.

Each contact has a few default fields (called «tags») that can be used in your message text:

  • Last name
  • First name
  • Phone
  • Gender

If you wish to use more contact-specific fields, you can easily add them creating new tags, like:

  • Dates
  • Contract numbers
  • Order IDs
  • Product descriptions
  • Geographic information
  • etc

edit_tags_en      edit_contact_en

Doing so you are adjusting Irida to match your needs, making your messages even more personalised:


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