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You want to reward your kids for good deeds
but also discourage them from doing bad ones?

Coupons can help you out!

Coupon management can be accessed from any computer, tablet, or smartphone connected to the same local network with the computer running Metronomos, using a wired or a wireless (WiFi) connection.

In order to use it you simply have to open your device web browser and visit the address found at the top of «About» window of Metronomos:


So, for the example above, you’d have to visit the address:

Available functions:

  • Increase time
    Add time to a selected user for a selected date.
  • Decrease time
    Subtract time from a selected user for a selected date.
  • Unbound time
    Remove all time limits for a selected date.
  • Eliminate time
    Deny access to a selected user for a selected date.
  • Clear changes
    Delete all coupons of a selected user for a selected date.
  • Usage info
    View a report including remaining time and daily usage for all cumputer users.


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