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    How to play 80 points? Intersection Intersection What is its gameplay and rules?


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    1. [Upgrade]

      upgrade is a very popular 4 -person poker game in China. You can choose one pair, two cards or three cards. When playing a card, it is also called "40 points" or "playing percentage"; when playing two cards, it is also called "80 points", and there are also places that are called "Passion Little Er", "Tractor" and so on Essence Now there are 80 games such as Jinyou World.

      [The sequence of the size of the card]

      2 When it is not the common master

      Little King, Lord 10, Vice 10, A, K, Q, J, 9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2
      The vice cards from large to small are:
      a, K, Q, J, 9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2

      2 is the common master

      The king, the little king, the Lord 10, the deputy 10, the main 2, the deputy 2, the vice, the a, the Q, j, 9, 9, 6,5,4,3
      To the small in order:
      a, k, q, j, 9,8,7,5,4,3

      [The composition of the tractor]

      All connectors that are adjacent to the same sequence and the same colors constitute a tractor, such as:
      kkqq, jj99,5 5443 3;

      如: rn一对小王带一对主10, 一对主10 带一对副10 rn一对副10 带一对主牌A, 一对主10 带一对副10 及A pair of main cards A

      The following examples are not tractors:
      554,544,5533, jjq, two pairs of vice, jj1010, aa22

      [Bright cards Rules]

      During the license, the 10 colorful colors of the first appeared as the main card color.

      The following situations can be changed or strengthened the main card color:

      The above three articles are prevailing first.

      . If the card is over, there is no one to bright.

      [Delivery rules]

      The cards of the same size when they are out of the card.

      The big names of the same flower color can be connected, called "throwing cards" for example:
      in the vice card: Aak, akk, aqqjj, 98844 (if no one in other homes can be greater than one, one can be greater than one larger than one. Zhang 9, and one -to -8 cards).

      If the first card to try to connect is not all big names, it must have the smallest card in the cards that you want to connect. Such as:
      Is when the first one tried to connect 98844, if the rest of the other family had this color J, the first one must be 9. If the rest of the other family has this color QQ or 55, the first one must be 44.
      When the first place is released, the rest of the other family must have a card (including the cards in the tractor in the tractor). There are no other cards when there is no card.

      When the first one out of a certain flower color, the rest of the house can be released when there is no color of the door, which is called "dying". If there are tractors or cards in the first card, the cards that must be the main card when they are stunned, and the number of tractors must not be less than the number of tractors in the first card. The number of cards in the first card is less than the number of cards, otherwise it will be regarded as a cushion.

      Is when many cards appear, the size of the card is based on the tractor and the size of the card in the card, which is called "lid". Such as:
      The main card 9988 72 can kill the sub -brand AK5544, but the secondary brand AA5544
      The main card 977 can be killed 544, the main card 884 can be covered
      main card 977 can be killed The secondary card 567, the main card 884 cannot be covered

      [Runzhuang rules]

      In start, the two sides are competing for the village, and the first one is the dealer.
      During the upgrade of the dealer, the next card is the dealer to the family.
      Is when I came to power, the next card was the dealer of the dealer of the dealer.

      [Scoring rules]

      The score required for upgrading: Two cards as an example:
      If scores are 0, the dealer is promoted to level 3;
      If the score is less than 40, the dealer will be promoted to level 2;
      If the score is greater than 40 less than 80, the dealer will be upgraded to the level; The score is greater than 120 less than 160, and the grasp of the division is upgraded to the level;
      If the score is greater than the equal to 160 less than 200, the grasp of the division will be promoted to 2 levels;
      R n
      The scores of a pair of cards are similar to the three -cards, but the score segment of a pair of cards is 20 points, and the score segment of the three -pair of cards is 60 points;

      Three -cards rules

      [Liang Main Rules]

      is similar to the two -card tractor rules. After any one of the four players lit a legal card, other players can no longer light up the cards at the same level or below the level. The three -sized tractor (hereinafter referred to as the Titanic) is as follows: (Assuming the current 10)

      single 10
      two pieces of 10
      No master)
      three sheets 10
      three kings (beating the master)
      [Scoring rules]

      0 in the red, less than 60 points, counted as small light, 120 points to the stage, 180 points on the stage 1, 240 points to the stage 2 running points into one party to make a large light and 3 levels, the small light rose to the level 2, and the score of the score of the score was scored 120 points. Plus a level.

      The score party scored 120 points to take the stage, exceeding 60 points and one level.

    2. The first time I heard that the tractor upgrade 80 points, many players do not know how to play 80 points for the tractor upgrade, and what is the rules of the game. Next, I will tell you that the tractor upgrade the 80 -point game rules.
      Correct answer

      basic rules of one and 80 points:
      1. During the card capture process, anyone shows the cards corresponding to the current level (here 5) The main flower is temporarily determined to be the color. If the bright card later puts down a 5 of the same flower color, the main flower is set to the color (called self -protection). If he reappears another pair of 5, the main flower is defined as the latter color (called self -countermeasure). If another person shows another pair of 5, the main flower is defined as the latter color (called anti -owner).
      2. When everyone is grabbing 25 cards, the remaining 8 are left to the dealer, and the dealer has 8 cards, and then the dealer will play the card first. Each round of judging the biggest round of the previous round of judging the biggest card, he obtained the next round of cards. If the home is large, the score of 5, 10, and k will be invalid. If the leisure family is large in this round, the score of 5, 10, and k is added to the score of the idle home.
      . The principle of heel and cards of 80 points:
      1, each round, the first one out of the card, the rest of the other people will have the cards of the color, including the cards in the tractor ( If you are the card on the Lord, you need to follow the cards on the Lord, including the cards in the tractor), and you can only produce a single (deemed to the smallest) when there is no card. The first tractor, the rest of them have to produce the corresponding tractor. No tractor must produce the card (deemed to be the smallest), and the single can only be produced (deemed to be the smallest).
      2. If the first one is out of the sideline, if any of the other one has no sub -card, you can produce the main card too much, which is called the card. If there are no sidelines with the color of the door, the larger card can be produced by the main card from the previous home, which is called the lid. The cards and cover requirements are all the main cards, and the number of cards and tractors must not be less than the number of appeared in the second card.

    3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenThe answer to the 80 -point game rules is very simple. The ultimate victory of this gameplay is determined by the player's score. The players in the card are divided into the dealer and the family. Cooperate with home cooperation, and finally win more game victory. The 80 -point game rules, 80 game rules, introduced the 80 -point game rules, the division upgrade game, 5, 10, and k are divided into each, 5 represents 5 points, 10 represents 10 points, K also represents 10 points, a pair of pairs, a pair of pairs There are 100 points in the card, 200 points for two pairs, and a total of 300 points in three pairs. In the game, each side must be captured as much as possible. The division deducted in the card is doubled when calculating the dealer of the dealer. After the card is released, 12 cards are won when playing a pair of cards, and the remaining 6 are the cards. When you play two cards, 25 cards are won, and the remaining 8 cards are cards. When playing three cards, there are 39 cards, and the remaining 6 are the cards. After turning the master, the dealer took the cards, and replaced the cards that the dealer did not need as the new card as the new card. If there is a point with a hole card, the dealer should try to ensure that he will not be arrested. Each of the dealer has one side of the game as the dealer. The dealer has the first card of the card and the first round of the card. The dealer in the first game is the main party. The purpose of being a dealer is to use the privilege of the dealer to try not to allow the opponent to get the score. After the end of the game, the new dealer was determined based on the score of the score. A total of 4 players are involved in the upgrade game of the home, and the left and right parties cooperate with each other and the other side to cooperate with each other. For example, the home to the right is the right, and the right below is the top of the home. The dealer forms a dealer with him and his family. In contrast to the division and the dealer, if there is a dealer upper and lower, the left and right parties will be grasped. On the contrary, when the left and right are the dealers, the upper and lower part is the grasp of the division. The level brand upgrade game continues to upgrade from the beginning of the game, and at the end of each game, the upgrade is determined according to the score of the scratch. The current level of the dealer is the level card. For example: the level of the dealer at the beginning is 2, indicating that 2 is the level of the bureau, and all the cards are the main cards. If the dealer's level rises to K, then K will become a level card. After the main flower color is over, each side can be turned out of the level according to the card, and the grade color of the final style is the main flower color. The main flower color cards are the main cards.nAsk a question 80 points, and the deputy to scratch the card again after the "revolution" of the "Revolution". I have a bad card because my own level is not good. After I lit the opponent -level card, whoever played the other party?nAnswer the revolution is to put all the cards all of the four people and re -capture the cardsnAsk you didn't answer my question?nReplynn7 morenBleak

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