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    How to play the landlord?


    Sep 22, 2022
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    1. "Landlord" is a poker game that originated in Hubei area. Due to its simple gameplay, strong entertainment, and suitable for all ages, it quickly swept across the country. The concept of "mixed" in Mahjong is introduced on the basis of the gameplay of ordinary landlords, making the game process more unpredictable and more irritating.
      Detailed rules
      . n A pair of cards, left three cards, and the rest are sent to three, and the cards are called to add to the landlord's hands.

      . With cards, each person can only call once, the call can be called "1 point", "2 points", "3 points" or not, the score of the score is "the bottom score of the name", the score is called Gao Ying's There are many, and you lose more. The biggest score after the call is the landlord. If you all choose not to call the card, make the card again, and then start the call.
      . Give the card to the landlord, and the three cards can be seen. The landlord starts to play, and then the card will be released in order in order. When the user follows the card, the user can press the PASS button on the upper left Search searches according to the rules and then press the card button. Until a certain card is completed, it ends this game.
      . Can be played, it is the biggest card.
      2 · Bomb: Four of the same value cards (such as four 5). Except for rockets and bombs larger than themselves, any card can be played.
      3 · · · Single card (first -hand card): single card.
      4 · Division (first -hand card): two cards with the same value.
      5 · Three cards: Three cards with the same value (such as three 10) .
      6 • Three bands: Three cards with the same value a single card or one pair. Single card (such as: 34567 or 678910J). It does not include 2 points and double kings. And Shuangwang.
      9 · Three Shun: Two or more three consecutive cards (such as: 333444,). It is not included 2 and double kings. It is also called the plane without wings. With wings. Sanshun one -hand card with the same number. For example: 333444 69 or 333444555 667799. n 5. Mixed cards

      General three types of mixed gameplay are available in 1 mix, 2 mixed, and 4 mixed (which cards are mixed, please pay attention to the game room instructions):
      1 · 1 mix: Choose Red Peach 3, Red Peach 7 or Red Peach 2 Mix
      2 · 2 Mix: Red Peach 3, Box 3 or Red Peach 7, Box 7 Mix
      3 · 4 photos Mixed: All 3 or 7
      mai can replace 3 and 4 except king , 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, J, Q, K, A, 2 to form any card type, and they are exactly equal to the size of the same card type, point -to -point non -mixed card, The mixed card, three, and four) can only be used as the original card.

      . The size of the brand

      1 · Rocket is the largest card. Bombs, except for rockets and bombs larger than themselves, are larger than other brands. For the general card type, only the same card type and the same number of cards can be relatively small.
      The composite cards such as three bands, one, three bands, and aircraft wings, as long as the number of cards is compared with the most cards. Only cards that are bigger than the current card (field card) can be released.

    2. How to play landlords:
      . Pay card:
      54 cards, 17 pieces of one person, and 3 cards as a card. Before determining the landlord, players cannot see the cards.
      . Calling cards:
      The call cards are carried out in the order of the card. When you call the card, you can choose "calling landlord" and "no call". If some players choose "calling landlords", they immediately end the call, the player is the landlord; if they are "not called", they will redistribute and re -call the card until someone "calls the landlord".
      . The first player:
      1. The first round of players are randomly selected by the system.
      2. If a player chooses "Mingpai" in front of the call, the first player who chooses "Mingpai" is given priority to obtaining the name of the name.
      3. If a player chooses "Mingpai" in front of the call, and all three players do not choose "calling the landlord", the system chooses the first "Ming brand" player as the landlord.
      . Grab the landlord:
      1. When a player calls the landlord, each player has the opportunity to "grab the landlord" in order. After the player chooses to "grab the landlord", if no other players continue to "grab the landlord", the local owner's rights belong to the "grab the landlord" player.
      2. If no player chooses to "grab the landlord", the right of the local owner belongs to the "Landlord" player.
      3, each "grab the landlord", the game multiple *2.
      4. Any player who has "not called landlord" operation cannot perform the operation of "grab the landlord".

    3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer 1. Send a card, 54 cards, and randomly draw a "landlord" card before sending the card, push its cards up, and then put it back to the card. Send cards counterclockwise. There are 17 pieces per person, leaving 3 cards for cards. Before determining the landlord, players cannot see the cards. 2/62, the call, the call card starts with the player who gets the "landlord" card, each person can only call once. You can choose "call" or "not called" when calling. If a player calls the card, he immediately end the call, the player is the landlord; if you do not call, you will redistribute and re -call the card. 3/63, the card, hand over the three cards to the landlord, and show up the card for everyone to see. In this way, there are 20 cards in the hands of the landlord, and only 17 cards in the other two players. The landlord first issued a card, and then played in order in order of the counterclockwise. When it was the player and the card, the player could choose "not out" or the card that was bigger than the previous player. When a player has a card, the rest of the two players will no longer follow the card. 4/64, a brand rocket, the double king, the biggest card. Bomb: Four of the same value cards. Single card, single card. Two cards with the same value cards. Three cards, three cards with the same value. Three belts: Three cards with the same value one single or one -pair. 5/65, the size of the brand size. King> Little King> 2> A> K> Q> J> J> 10> 9> 8> 7> 6> 5> 4> 3 cards of 3 cards, the Rockets can be played, it is the biggest card. Bombs, except for rockets and bombs larger than themselves, are larger than other brands. For other card sets, only the cards with the same cards and the same number can be relatively small. Like the three -strap, one, four bands, the second -class combination type, as long as it compares the cards with the most cards. Tip: Effective bomb or rocket: If the bomb or rocket is directly out of the card, the score will not double. That is, it is not a bomb that is directly out of the card, but the bomb used to destroy other cards is effective, and the score is doubled. 6/66, the judgment of the victory and defeat, the game ended after the card was released. If the landlord won the landlord first, the other two wins.

    4. Download software in the application market first. The landlord is a game that we often play, but in fact many people do not really really play the rules of the landlord. Today, the hottest editor I wrote the most comprehensive rules of the landlord in history for everyone, hoping to help everyone know more about the landlord game.
      The landlord is a poker game popular in Wuhan and Hanyang in Hubei. The game needs to be carried out by 3 players, using a pair of 54 cards (even ghost cards), one of which is the landlord, the other two are the other, and the two sides play against each other.
      The game is used by the three of them with two cards. One of the emperors is one side, and the two of the insurgents are combined with the other side to fight against the emperor. , 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 108 cards, 34 cards per person, and 6 cards for the remaining 6 cards. After determining the emperor, the 6 cards are explicitly shown to the emperor. Picking the cards you need in the confidence can also be at all, it has great flexibility. The emperor first issued a card. Other players must pick up the card in order, and they must pick up the card according to the rules. If there is a player who will not play the card, the player will be free to get the license. One player finished the card, the game was over, and the team he belonged to win.

    5. First, prepare. If you are not ready to cheat, first set the game to the first three models of the ban IP to avoid the situation of being beaten 2 and 1.
      . The most important thing to go to the table is to remember the cards. Generally, if you use your brain, one calculates the license (that is, the possibility of frying), and the other must remember the card of more than 10 cards. Of course, if you are lazy It is used well, but this is not helpful than refining memory.
      three, mentality. The mentality of playing cards is very important. It is not only for entertainment, but also to play cards for technology. It is purely playing mentality. No matter if you have a card without a card, you do n’t have to discuss it here. Not only must summarize the gains and losses of their calls, but also the mentality of the opponent's call. Obviously, some people have a king called the card, and some people will not call the card without frying. The two do not even ask you to guess the general situation of the card.
      4. luck. There is a "Ziwu Liu Shuo Note" theory in Chinese medicine. It is a dynamic theory. The use of luck means that luck is not fixed. It is dynamic and random. As soon as you go to the table, you can grab a few good cards, or even a few continuous cards, you must be prepared for thought, and the latter card may turn straight down. On the other hand, the nose and blue face of the table do not need to be impatient. Feng Shui turns, and good cards will come.
      5. Tips. There is no fixed concept of skills, and the application of skills sometimes combines luck judgment. For example, when the card is transported, you can consider the line of the line of 3 2 and the king. Topo. If it is a pattern of bombing at this time, let's be honest, don't be greedy, you can achieve OK.
      But there are a few points to say that it is clear:
      1. You are the door panel, and the cards are not very tidy. There are comrades.
      2. Don't think that if you have frying, you must be used as a frying. If you should disassemble, you should use it to take the cards with two hands and go. The winning or losing is only two results, but the score must be doubled.
      3, it is best to call the card without cards, and the shoemaker must be willing to be a shoemaker.
      Finally, this method also applies to actual combat. In actual combat, the opponent's licenses, expressions, languages, etc. can be referred to, but it is not convinced. For example, I often say "Oh! I didn't come!" Zhang Du is a very useful absolute card 🙂

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