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    How to play Yi Xing's gameplay skills


    Sep 23, 2022
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    1. The King of Glory Yixing's skill play strategy. After the launch of Yixing, many people do not understand his gameplay. Next, bring you the Raiders of the King of Glory Yixing.
      Passive skills: Qihe
      The passive passive part of Yixing. First, when Yixing's blood volume is less than 35%, it can immune all damage in two seconds and increase the movement speed by 30%. A pair of black and white chess will be generated on both sides of it. This effect has 90 seconds CD. This passive can significantly enhance the survivability of Yixing. Whether it is line development or later team battles, it is difficult to kill with passive Yixing. On the contrary, when Yixing is passive cooling, it must be kept vigilant. Second, Yixing's general attack is pure magic damage. This skill is strong in the case of not high -end enemy spell resistance in the early stage, making Yi Xing fighting against the enemy.
      Skills: Format · Zhen Shen
      Yi Xing placed Black at the designated place, causing spell damage to the surrounding people. When the distance between black and white is less than 1,000, it will attract each other and explode, causing spell damage and deceleration to the enemy, and stores up to 4 blacks.
      Skills: Formula · Yi Gai
      Yi Xing placed White at the designated place, causing spell damage to the surrounding people. When the distance between black and white is less than 1,000, it will attract each other and explode, causing spell damage and deceleration to the enemy, and stores up to 4 White.
      The first two skills are Yi Xing's soul skills. Pustules can not only cause damage to the enemy when placing, but more importantly, black and white chess can link with each other, explode, and cause greater scope of damage to the enemy. The casting range of one or two skills is very wide, which can allow Yixing to output in a relatively safe position. The fall of black and white chess can be aimed at the enemy, and it can also use black and white to form a pinch to the enemy to play explosive damage.
      three skills: Tianyuan
      Yixing draws a huge void chessboard, and 4 chess pieces will be automatically generated on the chessboard. After 2 seconds of release skills, the chessboard is completely formed. When forming, the enemy in the chessboard causes spell damage and dizziness. After the chessboard is completely formed, all the enemies on all the chessboard will not be able to leave the scope of the chessboard.
      You Xing's big move is a group control skill, which has both damage and control. Yixing's big move requires two seconds formed. For the duration of the formation and chessboard, the two diagonal will produce black-white-black-white, and explode in the center of the chessboard. After two seconds, the enemies in the chessboard cannot get out of the chessboard. In this narrow space, Yi Xing can use black and white to fight against opponents.
      skill plus points: main point one skill, secondary two skills, big.
      I Xing's first level to learn one skill to use the number of times to use the number of times, and the online rises to the second level quickly. After the second level, Yixing has reached Yixing's strong period. Yixing can put a chess piece at the feet of the enemy, or to pinch the opponent with black and white chess. Blood even completed the killing.
      It's in the game in the middle stage, Yixing's damage increased with the advancement of equipment and grade. After with the pain mask and echo sticks, Yixing's damage was basically formed. At this time, Yixing can find opportunities to catch people with his teammates, use the damage of one or two skills and explosions to combat the enemy and slow down, and cooperate with his teammates to kill. Yixing's big move is also very good control skills. If you first, you need to predict the enemy's movement, enlarge it in advance, and trap the enemy in it; if you follow the hand, Yixing can see the situation when the situation is anxious. If you run, you will retreat, and you will be trapped in a chessboard without running. For example, when a battle occurs in the wild area and the teammates retreat, we can ambush on the road of the enemy's must be placed on the big move, waiting for the enemy to get into the big move by themselves. After the big move is formed, the enemy will not be able to chase our blood teammates. Our other teammates can kill them.
      It's in the later period, as our core output, Yi Xing should pay more attention to his own survival. When there is no passive, do not easily chase the enemy's front row or stay in the wild area for a long time in the wild area. In the wild area, Yi Xing should pay attention to the position, and continuously placed a chess piece in the narrow terrain to attack the enemy; during front of the battle, Yi Xing can put down the big move at the battle location of both sides, separate the enemy back and front row, and use a chess piece to strike the station with a chess piece. The concentrated front row enemy, cooperate with teammates to defeat the enemy's front row, and then chase the enemy back row to complete the harvest.

    2. 00:00 / 04: 0970% shortcut keys to describe space: Play / suspend ESC: exit full screen ↑: increased by 10% ↓: decreases by 10% →: Single fast forward 5 seconds studio Here you can drag no longer appear in the player settings to reopen the small window shortcut key description

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