• Sun. Sep 25th, 2022

    It has been detected: Trojan-Gamethief.win32.onlinegames.skCl


    Sep 23, 2022
    6 thoughts on “It has been detected: Trojan-Gamethief.win32.onlinegames.skCl”
    1. 1. Did you go to the "Security Mode" to kill the virus? Intersection Intersection

      2, as long as you connect to the Internet, the virus will be detected soon, and the Trojan downloader in the computer is not cleared, first shielded its download URL, and then finds anti -virus countermeasures,

      In the "Notepad" to open the hosts file, a./cn case Enter the hosts file of WindowsSsSESTEM32Driversetc, point-file ---- to save ... so it can block it and then download the virus,

      and then reorganized ---- Press the F8 key ------ Enter the "Safety Mode" to start the Kababa 6.0 antivirus software anti-virus, it is best to use 360 ​​guards, or super patrol police to kill the msdos.exe Trojan downloader,

      Open 360 Guardian- ---- Advanced ----- State Status ----- Delete the suspicious "startup item" of "unknown", and delete it if there is a "startup item" of msdos.exe (after writing the path), and then Find the source file of the msdos.exe virus according to the path to delete it,

      360 security guards

    2. It seems that your machine is almost finished
      It back to the file, and then reinstall the system
      . Finally scan the full scan

      Note, you also have to install Kingsoft's anti -virus set

    3. Today, I also encountered the same problem. Kaspersky was very helpless about this kind of Trojan. Fortunately, I downloaded a good software Unlock UNLOCKER through the expert, and quickly resolved the Trojan (but to kill manually)
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