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    What is the customer service phone of the League of Legends and the artificial one!


    Sep 23, 2022
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    1. The customer service phone of the League of Legends is: 0755-86013666. You can consult the official customer service of Tencent through this phone.
      It may occupy the line when you call, wait patiently for a while.
      If you feel that contacting customer service is too troublesome or inconvenient to use the phone, you can also use the new League of Legends WeChat "artificial customer service" function for the League of Legends. The steps are as follows:
      1. You can directly search for "heroes Alliance (WeChat: LOL-922) Follow the League of Legends WeChat.

      2, click [Features] below, open [Artificial customer service]

      3, input problem description and click [contact artificial customer service].

      4. Successful submission. Customer service staff will reply at the fastest speed.
      5. The customer service will use the "Tencent customer service" public account to reply.

      Note: The game player can feed the problem directly from the game's official website, or you can feedback on the game client or contact artificial customer service through the phone and WeChat. But the effect is the same.
      Reference information Source: League of Legends official website-League of Legends WeChat "Artificial Customer Service" function online

    2. The customer service phone of the League of Legends is: 0755-86013666 Consult Tencent's official customer service.
      1. First, search for the "League of Legends" public account in WeChat address book
      2. In the special features of the League of Legends WeChat homepage, you can see the option of artificial customer service, click

      3 , Click to contact customer service.
      4, after selecting contacting artificial customer service, WeChat will receive the news from Tencent customer service, and then re-ask questions and artificial services to communicate
      Reference materials Source: League of Legends official website-customer service area

    3. 0755-86013666, this is this, but customer service is a decoration! You go to the official website forum to post more useful more useful!
      The League of Legends (LOL) is a hero of MOBA Athletic Online Games developed by the American Fist Game and Mainland China. The game has hundreds of individual heroes, and has characteristic development systems such as ranking systems and rune systems.
      "League of Legends" is committed to promoting the development of global e -sports. In addition to linking professional leagues in various regions and creating an e -sports system, every year, "League of Legends Season Championship" and "League of Legends Global Finals" will be held. The "League of Legends All -Star Game" three world -class events have formed their own unique e -sports culture.
      On May 14, 2018, "League of Legends" joined the Asian Games and became one of the performance projects.
      On September 17, 2019, the fist game value "League of Legends" was released on the tenth anniversary of the "League of Legends", and its new logo was released, and more than 8 million players around the world were online at the same time, which means that the League of Legends is still still It is the largest computer game in the world.
      In the game settlement interface, players can see a download icon on the upper right, click to download the video of the game in this game. After the download is successful, the icon will become a play button. Click to watch the game playback from the perspective. All modes other than the human -machine mode (Summoner Canyon and Twist of Jungle), including the customized mode, include custom models.
      Player can make wonderful collections during watching the video. By clicking the red dot button under the back -to -place system, you can record the current video, and click the red dot button again to end the recording.

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