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    What is the name of Jiaxing Shisui mobile game


    Sep 23, 2022
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    1. "Thirteen Water Games"
      "Thirteen Water" is a brand game that has prevailed with the generation of Fujian and Zhejiang generations since the late 1970s. It has been circulated throughout the country and Zhejiang. Three "" improved variables. In East China and South China, it is commonly referred to as "Thirteen Water", some regions in Zhejiang are still called "Rong Song", some parts of Jiangsu are called "Pinduelon", Hong Kong and Macao areas and overseas areas are called "Thirteen Sheets". Essence
      "Thirteen Water", "Rong Song", "Pinloson", and "Thirteen Sheets" rules, card types, and card types are completely consistent. The difference is that there are different game names in the division of the region, and the special brand type of the game does not have a uniform standard standard. There are different special cards and bets between regions.
      , such as: "Thirteen photos", the special cards of "Thirteen Shits" are Qinglong (thirteen water), one dragon (thirteen water), all large, all small, six to half, three flowers ), San Snake (Sanshunzi). "Pind Luo Song" corresponds to "Thirteen Sheets" adding a special brand type such as a little red, full red, seven 姥
      , and other special cards, and simplified other special card types The probability of the type is greatly reduced.
      For now, because of the rules of "Thirteen Water", it has the characteristics of corresponding enrichment and diversification, so that people who entertain the "Thirteen Water" rules occupy more than half of it and spread to the East and South China area. "Thirteen Water" lacks scientific and humanistic design concepts. Some special cards are too high and the chances of getting some special brand types are low, which often becomes a factor that modified in the game. It is also because of this that there is a difference in the special brand type.

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