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    Why did you get a liar for more than a month?


    Sep 23, 2022
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    1. Several simple and delicious methods of breakfast at home: 01 Tomato thick egg burning 1. Tomato burns to peel with fire and cut into small dices. 2. Spring of 2 eggs, add 2 spoons of flour, and cut tomatoes, salt, white pepper, chicken essence. Stir well. If you don't want to add flour, squeeze the tomato juice, otherwise it will be the tomato scrambled egg. 3. After the hot pot, lower the heat, first pour the half of the egg liquid in. After the eggs are solidified, the eggs are rolled up layer by layer, and then the remaining egg liquid is repeated. After the entire thick egg roasted rolls, simmer for about 2 minutes in the pot. Is it dipped in tomato sauce or soy sauce. You casually ~ 02 Xiangnan soft shiitake mushrooms and chicken porridge 1 The first night, add chicken breasts, add salt, black pepper, starch and refrigerator to refrigerate and marinate overnight. 2. Fresh shiitake mushrooms and ginger slices, carrots cut, corn peel (you can also go to the supermarket to buy frozen corn carrot grains) 3. After the rice cooker porridge is completed, add chicken, corn, carrot diced, shiitake mushrooms, ginger slices , Cook the medium and small heat for 5 minutes, taste the taste, not salty enough salt to get out of the pan. 03 The simple egg steamed bun slices of eggs and add some salt. After the steamed buns are sliced, dipped in the egg liquid and fry it in the pot. The egg liquid was not used up, and I cut two more okra to fry together. 04 Golden Holding egg fried dumplings 1 square meter Pour a little oil and put on frozen dumplings, fry the heat a little, slowly add a bowl of cold water from the side of the pot. 2 Det 2 eggs and put a little salt. Observe the water in the pot at 3 times. When the water in the pot is about to dry, the dumplings are cooked. You can go out of the pan without adding egg liquid. 4 Small heat and pour the egg liquid. Shake the pan gently, wait until the egg liquid solidifies, sprinkle some shallots, and go out of the pan! 05 Potato silk cake 1. Two potatoes, peel the shreds, add 1 egg, green onion, chicken essence and salt. 2. Put a little oil in the pan, scoop a spoonful of potato shreds, and flatten the spoon (don't stall it too thin and easy to disperse). 3, potato shreds can also be replaced with gourds, dumplings, zucchini, carrots, and dolls to fried, all of them are fragrant.
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      1 1. Childhood you laugh with me, you are running with me, youth, you are worried about you, learn to work with me, you live with me, but now you lose you, miss you, miss You are like a friend, and you wish you a happy Spring Festival. 2. Teacher, good new year, thank you! May good health, all the best, great luck, new weather, good luck to wealth! New year, fast horse whip! 3. Every year and year, you dedicate youth to the classroom; day by day, you teach knowledge to students. You let us swim in the ocean of knowledge, and you let us depict youth. Thank you, teacher! Shi En will never forget, I wish you a happy Spring Festival! 4. Danxin reflects the sun and the moon, and sincerely poured new flowers. The autumn fruit is exhausted, and the world is full of the world. All the poems and songs are endless respect and gratitude to the teachers. On the occasion of the Spring Festival, I just want to say it gently: Happy holiday! 5. Teacher I no longer naughty, and has been thriving in my career. The ringtone has become the past. Wish you a Happy New Year! 6. One chalk and two -sleeved breeze, three -foot podium in the four seasons of the rain, plus the five internal organs, the seven mouths, eight tongues and nine thoughts are very attentive, dripping sweat and nourishing peach Li Fang. A chalk two -sleeved breeze, three -foot podium, four seasons of rain, plus the five internal organs and six internal organs. 7. Stack the memory into a boat, float on the mind of thought; keep the thoughts of the thoughts and sway the memories of the school; string the memories into a story, write a sincere blessing; integrate the blessings into the text message, teacher, and wish you a happy Chinese New Year!

    2. I am the same. The recharge is successful. The gold coins have not arrived. It ’s almost a month. The customer service says that the technicians are inquiring every day.

    3. The child brought by grandma has a lot of personality and habits with grandma. With grandma's personality, it may not be bad. There is no big problem, there is no need to change. The child is 8 years old and has a strong plasticity. As long as the child starts to live with you now, he will soon follow you!

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