• Sun. Sep 25th, 2022

    Why do online games make money and where is the principle?


    Sep 23, 2022

    I'm sorry, I don’t make it clear, how can players make money, I know nothing about online games

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    1. Satta.com, fish
      , do you understand ??
      The people playing games ...

      . For example, there are 200 million users in QQ .... Only members need to be members. 1/1000, that is, 10w people, it is enough to give money. This is a conservative estimate
      . There is also the cost, which is actually very low.

    2. Because local tyrants, aren't they all the same now, rely on a game to support some local tyrants.
      But they and even we have forgotten the game is actually for happiness,
      The game companies and products that have ignored the essence of the game for money? I don’t say that they make money wrong, but a little bit a little bit. Given civilian players fair, don't make the gap between the rich and the poor a complete manifestation of the strength in the game

    3. I absolutely take advantage of people's good victory and anxiety and curiosity. They will do everything possible to pit your money. Entertainment, you can't help it anymore

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